Wedding Business Consulting

How can we help you grow your business? What are you lacking? What are your goals?

Hi, I’m Yolanda

Wedding Planner. Entrepreneur. Dream Giver. Fire Lighter.

In transparency, the wedding industry is over saturated. In such a competitive industry there is not any room for mediocrity.We know this because we have lived it for 20+ years. We believe that iron sharpens iron and would love to coach you on the following aspects so that you can better position yourself as a leader in our ever changing, exciting industry! 

  • Wedding etiquette
  • Wedding Business Basics
  • Planning and Consulting
  • Branding
  • Client Experience
  • Networking

Yolanda did an excellent job giving us everything we wanted for our wedding. The event went smooth and was beautiful. We couldn’t have been more happy with everything. Yolanda was professional and was always there to answer our questions and to give us advice.


Located in Warwick, Bermuda.

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