Are you searching for a ring with that extra wow factor? Liven up your left hand with one of these five alternative engagement ring styles!

    They say a diamond is forever, which is why it’s pretty synonymous with the word “engagement.” Although a diamond ring may be the most common, there are alternative engagement ring styles that also successfully symbolize eternal love. We’ve recapped five unique styles to consider for the future bride who dares to be different.

      5 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

      Colored Gemstones

      There is no shortage of alternative stones for an engagement ring. Consider a colored gemstone such as amethyst, sapphire, emerald, or pearl. Click on the link to view the meanings behind these popular engagement ring gemstones.


        If a unique stone is what you’re after, consider a majestic moonstone ring. Often used to represent new beginnings and to bring the wearer good fortune, moonstones are popular among jewelry lovers. The stone’s iridescent sheen gives off the most glamorous and eye-catching effect.

        Vintage Style

        From antique to art-deco-inspired styles, vintage engagement rings offer a timeless and romantic aesthetic. Although there is no exact definition of a vintage engagement ring, the style has the look of an older era, typically with unique detailing.

        Cluster Ring

        If you’re looking to opt-out of a solo stone setting, consider selecting a cluster engagement ring. This statement style includes an array of smaller diamonds or gemstones to create the look of a larger stone.

        Raw Stone

        If edgy is often used to describe your style, then a raw stone could be the perfect option for you. Raw refers to an uncut stone that has not been shaped or polished. This one-of-a-kind style is currently a popular trend in engagement rings.

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