You’re getting married. YAYYY!!

Now the real work begins. Your wedding is all about you. I may be the first one to tell you this so let me say it again. Your wedding is all about you.

Yes, you want everyone to have a good time. You want people to eat, drink and be merry. However, the most important people on the day are you, your intended, and the officiant. You need to ensure that your day reflects you and not everyone else’s depiction of you.

Planning can be stressful, and Essence of Elegance is here to help. When you meet with Essence of Elegance, before we jump into planning, we get to know you first. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before the big day:

  • What is our budget?

Not all couples will know this answer. In fact, many do not. Essence of Elegance has planned small intimate affairs and large fairytale weddings that would rival any coronation. If you do not have a budget in mind, change the question. Instead of asking “what is our budget”, ask “what am I comfortable spending”. That has a completely different feel. A friend of mine tells the story that when she and her husband were engaged, they asked their friends how much they needed for a wedding. After she received three or four suggested numbers, she told her fiancée that she couldn’t afford to marry him. While she did not have a budget, she knew that spending anywhere close to $80,000 – $150,000, like her friends was uncomfortable for her.

  • What size is the guest list?

When most couples we have worked with plan their wedding list, it is never ending. Suddenly, they end up with lists that are 300+ people long, because they MUST invite dear Mrs. Jones, their nursery schoolteacher (who they haven’t seen in 30 years). It is easier to think of who you want or who you will miss at your wedding if they do not attend, rather than who you think you should invite. My friend had this same scenario. She only needed to have four people at her wedding: mom, dad, brother, and her grandmother. Her husband on the other hand, had a list of 150 people. When she helped him change his thinking to who he wanted to be there, instead of who he thought he should invite, his list was cut drastically. No matter who you invite, there will always be someone upset at not making your wedding guest list. Instead of trying to please everyone on your day, make sure you are surrounded by those you need around you. Everyone else will be just fine. It is ok to be selfish on your wedding day.

  • Wild party or intimate affair?

When you think of your wedding day, how do you feel? Instead of thinking of the theme, the colors, the venue, the food, and countless other things, how do you want to feel on the day? My same friend, when planning her wedding was stressed out. She knew she wanted to honor her heritage by having her country’s national flower in her bouquet. She knew she wanted royal blue as her color. Apart from that, she had no idea, and with everyone throwing ideas at her, she wanted to elope. This is not how any bride should feel leading up to, and on their day. When you imagine your day, do you feel like a princess or a prince? Do you feel a sense of calm, and do you hear the sounds of nature? Does your day feel formal or like a celebration with friends and family? When you focus on how you want to feel, instead of what you want to see, planning becomes easier because your vision can come to life.



Planning your special day can be stressful, but that is why Essence of Elegance is here to help. Call us and let us give you your dream day.

Love Peace and Wedded Bliss